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Dr. Guerrero is experienced in many common oral surgeries.

Apicoectomy - An apicoectomy is needed when the inflammation after the root canal treatment continues. An apicoectomy is essentially the removal of the apex (or tooth root tip), followed by a filling procedure to seal the root from further infection. When left untreated, infected roots can damage other teeth, spread infection, and cause regression of the jawbone.

Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants - Similar to Dental Implants, but were developed to benefit patients who struggle with full-size dental implants because they have limited space in their jaw bone for implants to be fitted.

Oral Pathology - Pathology, or screening for diseases, is the best preventive tool at Dr. Guerrero disposal. Everytime you visit for your regular checkout, he's able to screen you for many issues and identify problem areas ahead of time.

Sleep Apnea & Appliances - If your bed partner has observed loud snoring followed by cessation of breathing or gasping and choking during sleep, you may be at risk for Sleep Apnea.

TMJ (Tempro-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction) - The TMJ connects your jaw bone to the sides of your skull. If you're experiencing pain, locking jaw, clicking or popping.

Bone Grafting - Whenever a circular implant is placed in a extraction socket (in your gum) which is oval in shape, a Bone Graft must be performed to fill the void and ensure gum or soft tissue doesn't fill in instead.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions - A wisdom tooth is extracted to correct any number of problems that may come up in the future. Many times the jaw simply isn't large enough. All extractions are done with a local anesthetic to numb any discomfort.

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